Android and CO.


With the new updates, the apps from Google became more colorful and more sharp. I am curios if someday the main menu of the android systems will change, cause this new look of the apps makes us wonder if they were inspired from Windows 8/Windows Mobile or from the Ubuntu OS (you can find a description here: ).

Thing is: our phones are smart and we love graphics => we want a more graphical OS!

When I first wrote the article on Ubuntu OS i was very excited with the looks and the big icons and i’m still looking forward to get my hands on one of those phones! But, i guess it will take awhile to get these phones on market. The same thing happens for Firefox OS, which is available only for developers.

Firefox is trying to launch a series of new mobile phones running Firefox OS which is based only on HTML5. The guys from Firefox promise that this will be the faster OS alive. I, one, can’t wait for the new devices!

Maybe we’ll have the chance to get our hands on them and write an article for our Student’s Newspaper (Ziarul Studentesc) !

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