Found this cute animated version of the book I’m currently reading. Hope you find it useful!


First impression matters

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about job interviews, greeting new clients, team members or strangers in a supermarket, the first impression you leave on is the most important.

This book is teaching you how do to your best in every situation: make a first good impression, start meaningful conversations, introduce yourself or introduce other people, be an expert in small talks, etc.

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After reading some chapters, I started discussing this topic with my boyfriend, who has great communication skills and he admitted that, in his case, most of the things described there come very of natural to him.
That means, if I were to ask him: „Tell me your secret, how can you talk to anyone?”, he could not think of all the small details which are described in this book as relevant, exactly because it all comes so natural to him.

But if you’re not that much of a people person and speaking to anybody is not your second nature, you can definitely use Leil’s book as a guideline.