ANDI know I'm maybe a little late with this article (+1 year), but I think this is an opportune moment to publish it, because in the current situation, we need to remember the good times we have spent the last year and let's rekindle our enthusiasm a little, because I, at least, can't wait to participate in this year's edition, even if it has been postponed to September. #lookingforward

– Female empowerment –

I want you to imagine a full hall, full of eyes, every seat occupied, clothes, diapers, diaries and over 500 women with their eyes fixed on the stage, without uttering a murmur...
Yes… Monica managed to get a room full of women to shut up and listen.

Many of us have found ourselves at least once, like the character in her story, in the position where we didn't know what to do with our lives, at which point we realized that we were letting time and opportunities pass us by.. But , hopefully, I also had a chance to wake her up. #sleepingBeauty

Ioana Enache spoke to us about what touching words, full of love and compassion, would have conveyed to Ioana 15 years ago:

Soon, I met Wonder Woman - Sonia, who brought with her an extraordinary wave of energy. He talked to us about self-discipline and what would be the strategic steps to self-educate yourself:

  • Set your goals
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Make a daily plan for your goal
  • prioritizes
  • Identify models that inspire you
  • Schedule breaks, rewards, breathers
  • Keep track of your progress












Dite Dinesz – Isolated in Romania

Dite charmed us from the first moment he stepped on stage with the calmness and simplicity with which he spoke. Her story was about the people she met, about the adventures she had until she reached the most forgotten corners of the country. He showed us how to live simply, modestly and enjoy every moment of life.


Irina Rimes, very jovial, told us how she sees life, and then she sang for us, of course.

Christine Van Loo – American aerialist and acrobat

And finally, Christine Van Loo showed us that age is just a number and that you can do anything as long as you really want to and are willing to do something about achieving your dream. Her entrance was downright spectacular, I couldn't take pictures, I could only sit with bated breath and watch her movements.