I t's been a while since we've been in the same situation, yesterday is today, but it's also tomorrow (is this a rewind?). We are all waiting for a sign that the next day will be better, that we are heading for something better, that someone will come up with a solution and this nightmare will end. It's been more than 6 months since this lockdown has begun and as things evolve, it will most likely be a year, but this is a reality that everyone perceives…

Be aware of your feelings

But what about our personal reality? How do you feel as an individual who is not heard or who doesn't choose to make his reality public? It's not a question you have to answer me, but it's an answer you owe to yourself!

Do you take as much care of yourself during this period as before? Can you focus as well on the things you do? Do you continue to lead an equally active lifestyle? (#TakeCare)

Probably the most common answer will be "NO" and this is not because we do not want it, but because most of us have come to feel a sort of anxiety. And unfortunately, this is not only affecting us (you and me), but it's affecting everyone, including our children, our siblings, our parents, our grandparents, all the people who have been taken out of their element, all the people who do not know what tomorrow brings ... or know that it will be the same.

People in general do not think much about children... they may think that the children do not perceive these changes, but they are those whose development has been postponed.  I very much hope that both parents and teachers realise this and try to help them. How can we help them not become a generation of sedentary people?

You are not alone

Everything has to start start with us, we need to find our motivation and desire to readjust more successfully to this situation. We all suffer and feel like we have lost something all this time, but with a little stubbornness, maybe we can build something…

I invite you to meditate and reflect on the feelings you have in this moment, now and here, in this difficult period and I warmly recommend you to talk about it with someone close… because you are not alone!