Beginnings and endings

The beginning of the year has an extremely big psychological impact on us because we involuntarily see it as a new beginning and try to associate a meaning with it (everyone is familiar with the lists entitled - New year resolution - and all those catch-phrases : New year, new me).

And it's perfectly normal! It is very good that we want to change something about ourselves, whether it is to move more, to read more, to reinvent ourselves as people, to change our job, etc.

The problem is that we put too much pressure on this new beginning of the year and we want to do them all at once, and because of this, it often happens that we quit or give up.

During this holiday period, we should detach ourselves from everything that means work or school and rest as much as possible, recharge our batteries, but also start to do from those things that we have put on our to-do list for next year.

Tomorrow, Monday, next week, next year are just concepts or as Robin Sharna, the author of the books - The 5 A.M Club - would say: Tomorrow Is a Bonus, Not a Right. So, if the things you want are important to you, you can start taking small steps in that direction today!

The 5 A.M Club

The 5 AM Club - is a very motivating lecture, which. even if it seems that its purpose is to make you wake up at 5AM in the morning, in reality it is a book that tries to explain how important it is to devote time to yourself and your personal development. By waking up earlier in the morning, you get a small windows in which you can center yourself and you have time to take care of yourself and to create a morning ritual to help you start your day with calm and more energy. Once you have taken care of yourself and your needs, you can continue your day in a much greater mood.

This ritual is presented in the book as - The 20/20/20 formula - and no, it has nothing to do with 2020, thank God, but it's a way to divide the first hour of the morning into 20-minute slots:

  • First slot – Get moving! Daily exercising is very beneficial for the human body as it helps the immune system, relieves stress, lowers anxiety, eliminates toxins through sweating, and so on. It's also very important to exercise, especially now, during this pandemic period (2020) in which we have become much more sedentary than ever.
  • Second slot – Meditate, pray or plan your day Put on paper what you need to do today, you have 20 minutes to sit quietly and plan your day to make sure you are ready to start a new day.
  • Third slot – Grow, improve, learn something new.

Of course, these intervals are purely theoretical and are meant to give you an example of how to start your day, as is the title of the book. The basic idea is not to wake up exactly at 5AM, but to start your day focused on your needs and take the time to take care of yourself.

Overall, it's a book I highly recommend. You can find it online or in bookstores at Cărturești or in electronic format on Amazon or Scribd.

If you are fans of audio books, you will find a wide range of books on,including this book I mentioned, and the first month of subscription is free.