We follow lifestyle and fashion bloggers, we check their stories, their feed, we often wish we had their lifes.. but is this really what we what? Is this really what’s representing us?

We’ve all had different carrier choices for a reason. We like to get things done, we like to get our hands dirty, our heads busy, we like to solve problems. We also like to travel, from time to time, but on a daily basis we live our lives like normal people, work 8 hours/day.. sometimes more where the client demands it.

Let’s talk about how’s it to actually work, how’s this type of lifestyle. How can you improve yourself as a person and how to face challenges?

People who actually get shit done are more interesting than lifestyle bloggers. I have friends that are doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers or engineers like me. We all have interesting lives, we all face incredible situations everyday, but we still try to compare ourselves with others, who seem like they didn’t lift a finger their entire life.

It’s sad to see that people don’t see how beautiful their life actually is, that they matter and what they do on a daily basis it’s also important.

Girls need to learn that they matter and they can do more. They need to be teached that modeling or showing their boobs on a webcam it’s not the only way to make money and they should not aspire to those kind of things. Once you go down that road, there’s no coming back…